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Last updated 15 November, 2017

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uprchlici-01-t The night escape escapade

5ha-t New 5-ha pasture

camp09-2-t Camp 2009-2nd term

slama  Horses mean work as well as riding. Harvesting straw.

camp09-1-t  Camp 2009-1st term

CVUT-t  An easy-going ride

TV-t  Shooting our training program for a Czech TV feature

Nora-t  The latest addition to Zmrzlik herd is Nora, a yearling filly

morinka-t  Combined outing - hike and ride, April 18-19, 2009

Ryn1-t  Ryn covers his first mare, Leda

Jura-K-t  The stallion Jura, old ham that he is, pleases the spectators in front of Dr. Faust’s house in Karlovo Square

Ponies-t   Three-year old Welsh ponies Smolly (purebred, colt) and Dolly (cross, filly) add to the fun at Zmrzllik - just to showthat a hucul really is a horse and no pony!

Nero-th   Breeding stallion Nero is moving to Krkonoše

  Noel-t   Noel, the yearling colt is coming to Zmrzlik from his birthplace

valt09-thumb  Lampion night at Valentines, the team of huculs stole the show!!

hipt05-thumb Snapshots from therapy sessions, Hucul Club January 2009

db_fot0020  28. October 2008 - remembering the 40th anniversary of TIS planting the central Tree of the Republic, Prague.

db_fot1810  A bit of everything

db_fot0117  35th birthday of Hucul Club - celebration

db_fot0221 The Zmrzlík herd 

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