Since its inception, the fate of Hucul Club and, indirectly, of the hucul breed, depended largely on the generosity of volunteers, who dedicated tens of thousands of hours to the many facets of our work. Some of the funds required for the operation of the stud are earned by the horses themselves, but there is constantly a shorfall that has to be met by fundraising and from gifts by sponsors who understand the ethical and educational dimensions of the endeavour.

We are grateful for any contributions, financial and in-kind, and are sorry to be able to acknowledge only some of the generous donors.

In the past, Hucul Club was privileged to have received moral support from international organizations, but financial help came mainly from a handful of business sponsors and generous individuals. The most notable was the contribution of world-famous author Joy Adamson, who deeded Hucul Club all royalties from the Czech edition of her Elsa the Lioness book, and later also part of the earnings from a film.

It is thus fitting that her name heads the Honour List of those who  made the greatest contribution to the cause of saving the hucul breed; even if she is the first alphabetically, too. Sadly, like she, many others on the list have died already. To those we can only say Thank You in memoriam.

Honor List

Mrs Joy Adamson
Ing Vratislav Francl
Jiří Haleš
JUDr Václav Hrabánek
JUDr Emil Kučera
Otakar Leiský
RNDr Eliška Nováková CSc
Prof Eva Olšanská
Charlotta Rubíková
Acad Quido Záruba
RNDr Vladimír Zicháček
Prof Alois Zlatník DrSc
Ing Zoltán Toperczer

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